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Pre wedding Zwillinger’s

  • Limited Online Edition
  • Zwillinger's

We’ve dreamed about this for four years: creating a new brand that brings the craftsmanship and luxury of couture into the realm of ready-to-wear fashion.

Then came Covid and changed the world and the wedding industry. We couldn’t let that bring us down. We took this reality and turned it into an opportunity – an opportunity to bring our dream to life.

Zwillinger’s is the realization of this dream. Twenty four limited edition looks in our signature style, a collection of effortless elegance for all events surrounding the wedding: cocktail dresses in French lace, tailored silk shorts and embellished tulle tops, and even a lace romper for all you non-traditional ladies out there…

We’re excited to offer brides all over the world the opportunity to enjoy our designs not only on their wedding day, but in all their pre-wedding events.

 Join the exclusive world of Mira Zwillinger and explore our new limited edition line – Zwillinger’s by Mira Zwillinger.

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