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Brand new medium

  • AW 2021
  • Mask

Masks are now part of our lives, but who says we have to compromise on style?

So many of our lovely brides know that with the new health regulations in place, masks are going to be featured in their wedding photos. After putting so much thought and effort into every small detail of the perfect wedding, there was no way that they were going to compromise their entire Mira Zwillinger look with a plain mask.

That’s a challenge we were more than willing to take on. If our brides want or need something to make their big day even better, we will stop at nothing to make that happen.

We took the Mira Zwillinger wedding gown magic and translated it into a brand new medium. It started out with a few made-to-order units, personally requested via social media by fashion-forward Mira Zwillinger brides. Then came more requests, and not just from brides but from fashionistas who couldn’t wait to snag a signature handmade flower-on-lace face mask.

Well, if our limited edition masks were what fashion-forward ladies want, then the only logical step would be to make them available for everyone! So, without further ado, we present the new unlimited line of couture face masks, made especially for you by the artisans at Mira Zwillinger Studio.

True to our motto – quality over all – we created a line of unique face masks that go hand in hand (or elbow to elbow, to follow social distancing practices) with our beautiful handcrafted gowns.

All masks are carefully crafted by our couture artisans in a sterile environment. They include four layers of fabric, both elastic and shape-maintaining. Like all our fabrics, they are soft to the touch and breathable. Created with uncompromising quality and attention to detail, these beautiful masks can be worn on any occasion that calls for a special touch. They are adorned with handmade detailing, just like the Mira Zwillinger dresses and bridal accessories you know and love.

All masks can be hand washed and reused to upgrade any look, from formal events to daytime casual with a kick. The mask sells for $380 and includes international door-to-door shipping. We also offer express shipping for those of you on a tight, or even tighter schedule.

The couture bridal masks can be easily purchased directly from Mira Zwillinger Studio by simply sending us an email to [email protected] or contacting us through our official Instagram page. Tell us the name of the style for the mask you are interested in and we will send you back a Paypal purchasing link.

On a personal note, we’re so excited to be able to bring some sparkle to what has become a mandatory accessory. Finally, you can skip the drab masks and shine bright in a celebration of design and beauty.

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