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  • What is the difference between Mira Zwillinger and Zwillinger's?

    While the Mira Zwillinger brand is focused on couture custom made-to-measure wedding gowns, Zwillinger’s is a ready-to-wear couture line dedicated to all the other events surrounding the wedding. Zwillinger’s remains true to the Mira Zwillinger high-end esthetic and does not compromise on quality.
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  • What is the return policy?

    All unused items may be returned or exchanged within a time period of 14 days from the date of delivery.
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  • What is Zwillinger's?

    Zwillinger’s is a new and fresh line from the Mira Zwillinger Atelier that caters for brides for all the events surrounding their wedding (bachlorette, luncheon, engagement party, etc.). This craftsmanship luxurious ready-to-wear couture online concept has a limited run of each style, making each piece almost one of a kind.
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  • What is couture custom made dress?

    A gown that is custom fitted to each bride’s specific measurements, even without physically meeting the bride. Each couture, made-to-measure gown is brought to life meticulously thorough a detailed process that begins with seamstresses hand-carving a mannequin unique to each bride. Only the best and most luxurious fabrics are used in composing the dress. Each small detail is then precisely place before being sewn on with intricate handwork,

    We settle for nothing less than perfection!

  • Where can I buy a Mira Zwillinger Gown ?

    Mira Zwillinger gowns are sold worldwide in the US, Asia, and Europe in the most prestigious bridal stores and boutiques.

    You are welcome to Click on our international store locator to find the store closest to you. Store Locator 

    It would be best to contact a store directly to book an appointment to try on a Mira gown.

  • What is a Trunk Show?

    A trunk show is a unique event that only lasts a few days and allows the bride to see and try on gowns before they are available in stores. These events present the perfect opportunity for a bride to find her dream wedding gown. Mira Zwillinger trunk shows offer brides an exclusive and exciting preview to experience the enchantment of our newest collection. You can follow our trunk show schedule and request to book an appointment here

  • What is the price range?

    The price of our couture custom made to measure gowns starts at $9,000 USD and upwards.

    Matching accessories such as veils and toppers start at $2,500 and upwards.


  • How long will it take to make my MZ wedding dress?

    It depends on the style you choose. Usually gowns are ordered between 4-8 months before the event.

  • What is your new Express service?

    Our new express service is being offered to accommodate brides during these present times. With changing wedding dates due to COVID-19, we want brides to have the option of receiving their Mira gown or matching accessories as soon as possible.

  • How can I clean my MZ dress after my wedding?

    The gown should be spot cleaned or dry cleaned at a place specializing with bridal gowns. We highly recommend J.Scheer & Co. You may contact them directly for dry cleaning services.

  • How do I preserve my dress?

    We encourage folding gowns for long term storage. However, it is perfectly fine to keep a wedding gown hanging before the wedding for a month or two as long as these simple rules are followed:

    1. Choose a closet in a cool, dry room. Excesses in both temperature and humidity can discolor fabrics very quickly
    2. Make certain to use a padded hanger – not one made of exposed wood or metal.
    3. Make sure the hanger is long enough to support the entirety of the shoulders so the weight of the textile can be distributed as evenly as possible
    4. If the dress is strapless, make sure the hanging straps rest on the hanger at the same width as your shoulders to avoid distortion to the fabric.
    5. DO NOT store the dress in a plastic bag. The best storage bags are made of breathable, unbleached, and undyed cotton muslin and leave a healthy amount of room for the dress to breathe.

    You may contact J Scheer & Co for further preservation instructions.

  • I was an #MiraZwillingerbride! How can I be featured on one of your social media channels?

    Congratulations! We would be thrilled to see you as our bride.
    Please share your photos from your special day with us at [email protected]