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Micro Wedding Gabriella Mira Bride

  • Micro Wedding
  • Mira Zwillinger Bride

When Gabriella and Zach were planning their wedding, they knew they wanted a large estate event in rural Malibu. The universe, it seems, had other plans. And in the same way you can make lemonade from lemons, this stunning couple transformed their wedding into something super meaningful, beautiful and memorable.

The large-scale wedding had to be shrunk down in size, and the venue changed accordingly – from a Malibu mansion to a Michigan beach house. And it was magical.

Gabriella’s Helena gown looked as though it was made for the locale, with customized matching cuffs that slung down her shoulders setting off a relaxed-yet-collected vibe that fit the new theme. Glowing in her gown, this beautiful bride inspired happiness while the couple filled the air with their immense love.

The ceremony took place in the backyard with just their immediate family in attendance. Sometimes less is more; being with the few people that mean the most to you, in a gorgeous location, while looking your best is all you need to profess your eternal love to one another. 

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