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Bring On The Fireworks!

  • Mira Zwillinger Bride
  • Timeless

That climax moment, when all eyes are on you, and then – bam! A flash of fireworks, a blast of confetti or a shower of balloons. It photographs great, makes a deep impression, and let’s face it, it’s fun.

A good WOW moment starts with timing. Are you going for a flashy entrance, or a dancefloor extravaganza? Time the sparks to match the effect you want to achieve. Leading up to the altar or under the canopy right after the ceremony is a sure-fire way to get everyone’s hearts racing. Going for a peak moment during the reception creates a second highlight moment (the first one being the vows, of course). 

If you’re holding an indoor wedding, fireworks are out of the question. Instead, opt for sparklers to get a similar but more subdued effect. Sparklers are perfect for small-scale weddings, when you don’t want to go crazy with the expenses. Some couples use sparklers for their photoshoots or impromptu wedding photos during the event. When planned carefully, you can form shimmering letters and words with long exposure photography. And no, your dress won’t catch on fire. 

Speaking of photos, inform your photographer ahead of time, so they can prepare accordingly – they know all the tricks to getting the most out of your spectacular display. Your DJ should also be in on it, so they can perfectly time the music to the magic.

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