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5 Rehearsal Dinner Outfits For Every Style

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Rehearse your wedding in style

Your rehearsal dinner is the last event you’ll celebrate before your big day, your outfit during this day will act as an anchor for your entire wedding weekend, whether you’re having a casual wedding or a more formal ceremony.

Every bride is different and have different styles, we’ve gathered the best rehearsal dinner outfits from all of our Zwillinger’s collections, from stunning sexy silhouettes to the most coveted lace skirt and feather garments. Some are classic while others are trendy, but one thing’s certain: They’re all spectacular choices for your upcoming celebration.

1. Romantic Brides

You value femininity and may be an eternal romantic. Ruffles, lace, pleats, those are just a few of the whimsy, feminine details that tend to catch your attention when you’re in a store. You like soft colors and often choose fabrics like lace, chiffon, organza and silk that drape graciously on your body. 

Accessorize your Lily dress with:
2. Modern Brides

You are part of the new generation of bride who wants to ditch traditions and wear something on her wedding day that reflects her own, authentic style. You are bold and audacious, this is how your family will describe you. You like to wear simple clothing but with a twist!

Accessorize your Jilly set with:
3. Traditional Brides

You are a classy bride who favours the simple, classic and elegant bridal style over following the latest trends. You wear timeless chic clothing because you know you want them to last forever!

You stick to clean lines and a flattering silhouette that don’t reveal too much. Your wedding inspiration have neutral tones and simple yet chic furnitures.

Accessorize your Giorgi dress with:
4. Fashion Forward Brides

You follow trends and the latest runaways, your friends would say that you are always ahead of time and a real trend setter.

You are ready to treat the runway like your own personal catwalk. You strike that balance between on-trend chic and classic timeless like a real fashionista! You surely want to do things differently, and you are not afraid to try new things!

Accessorize your June top & Mika short with:
5. Glamorous 

“I am woman, I am fearless, I am sexy, I’m divine, I’m unbeatable, I’m creative” This song was made for you! You are feminine & elegant yet you are not afraid to show a bit of skin or an open back.

During your big day you want to look ravishing and sensuous, after all this is only happening 1 time in your life!

Accessorize your Alina dress with:

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