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Elegant & Timeless Wedding
Our #MZBride of the week is the absolutely stunning Sarah Buncy who got married in our Elli gown and matching veil. Surrounded by their loved ones, the couple held their gorgeous wedding at The Breakers Palm Beach where her husband proposed her!

In the following interview, Sarah shares with us how she started planning her wedding journey and will give you her exclusive tips! 
How did you start planning your wedding? What were the first steps?
The first thing my husband and I knew was that we wanted to get married in the same place that he proposed to me, The Breakers Palm Beach. It is an absolutely stunning and historic ocean-front hotel and resort. The classic architecture, ornate ceilings and grand interiors are just gorgeous. Not to mention the incredible beachfront an ocean view. 

He proposed to me there on our anniversary and one of the first conversations we had about the wedding was that we wanted to get married there too. The venue was more important to us than the date, but it ended up working out that there was a weekend available in the month that we wanted so everything worked out perfectly. 

With myself in school and working full-time and my husband working as an essential healthcare worker in 2020, we knew that we definitely needed a wedding planner if we had any hopes of getting a thing done. Cue: Heather aka @PoshPartyGal. Heather was phenomenal and she helped me plan the wedding of my dreams. It was absolutely beyond anything I had ever imagined. None of it could’ve happened without her.
How did you know your dress was 'the one’? 
About 10 months before the wedding I went down to Miami with my mother, my mother-in-law, and three of my bridesmaids. 

We went to an adorable wedding dress boutique called Chic Parisian (at Heather’s recommendation.) I tried on maybe 10 dresses and fell in love with three of them. It wasn’t until I was trying to narrow down my selection that I realized all three of them were Mira Zwillinger gowns. 

I think the third time I tried on the Elli gown was when I knew it was the one. But it was actually my mother in law telling me I “HAD to get this dress” that made the decision final. I remember taking a photo in the dress at Chic Parisian and being SO bummed I couldn’t send it to my husband because I loved it that much. 
How did you find working with the bridal store team?
There is something so unique about Mira Zwillinger and the overall brand atmosphere. It’s elegant but refined. Sexy but sophisticated. Dazzling but understated. 

I am absolutely in love with the brand and am not surprised I had a hard time deciding *which* MZ gown to pick. I truly don’t think that even if I went to a different bridal boutique, I would have ended up with a different brand of gown. 

It felt like it was really just made for me. I think that probably rings true with every Mira Zwillinger bride; it felt like the dress captured my essence without me even knowing how to articulate it myself. 
An advice that you would give to our future brides? 
The advice that I would give to future brides is to soak in every single moment of your wedding day. Literally, take time to smell the flowers. Take a mental picture just for yourself of every moment, every centerpiece, arrangement, and detail specifically cultivated for you. 

Don’t get sidetracked or distracted by anything that doesn’t bring you joy and pass on more drinks than you may usually. Just be present because the day absolutely flies by. Seriously, you will blink and suddenly the last song of the evening will be playing in your ears. And also don’t forget to take a moment with just you and your husband after the ceremony. You will cherish that forever!