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#BRIDEOFTHEWEEK: Kaitlyn Scavone

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Enchanted Garden Wedding
Our #MZBride of the week is the tres chic Kaitlyn Scavone who said "I do" in our Ari gown and matching Ari veil. Surrounded by their dearest and nearest, the couple held their stunning wedding Chicago Botanical Gardens.

In the following interview, Kaitlyn shares with us how she started planning her wedding journey and will give you her exclusive tips! 
How did you start planning your wedding? What were the first steps?
The first thing I did was look at venues. I knew finding a venue with a date that worked would be tricky due to weddings being postponed the prior year. I always had my eye on the Chicago Botanical Gardens. 

When I went to tour, I could picture our day and knew it was the place. It gave me “the feels” as I put it. Luckily, they had a date in the fall which is what we both had wanted. The next step I took was finding a planner to help me navigate all the steps of wedding planning. 
How did you know your dress was 'the one’? 
I had watched a wedding video where the bride was wearing a beautiful dress. After doing some research, I figured out the dress was a Mira Zwillinger gown. 

I tracked down the store that carried her gowns and it happened to be the place of my last appointment. It was the second dress I tried on at the store and as soon as I put it on, I knew it was the one. 

I was in love with the floral appliqué and loved the fit. After trying on several dresses over the past couple days, no dress had made me feel the way the Ari gown did. 

I walked out of the dressing room and we all knew the search was over! 
How did you find working with the bridal store team?
The dress was at Ultimate Bride in Chicago. The bridal store team I worked with was great! 

Before my appointment I had told them I was interested in the Mira gowns, so upon my arrival they had a few pulled for me. 

The whole experience was great, from finding the dress to picking up my dress after the final fitting. 
3  advices that you would give to our future brides? 
1.  Everyone will tell you the day flies and it does! Take a few moments for you and your person to step back and soak it all in. The dream day that you guys have created and all your friends and family there to celebrate your love. It’s an overwhelming feeling and can be easy to miss out on that moment in the rush of the day. 

2. This might seem obvious but when you are at the altar, look into each other’s eyes. You are marrying each other, no need to look at officiant or anyone else. It can help with nerves too, knowing that it’s the two of you and your partner has you the whole time! And don’t forget to smile :) 

3.  Last but not least, the planning process can be overwhelming and start to take over. Make sure to still plan dates and special 1 on 1 time before the big day. Don’t let the planning process take over the connection and love that got you guys where you are.  
What was your wedding theme?
If I had to describe our wedding theme, I think I would say Enchanted Garden. So many beautiful flowers at the botanical gardens and the day was full of magic. We were very lucky!