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  Palm Springs Wedding
Our #MZBride of the week is the charming Eliana Spero who got married in our Chaz gown . Surrounded by their closest friends & family, the couple held their intimate wedding in Miramonte Resort & Spa in Palm Springs.
In the following interview, Eliana shares with us how she started planning her wedding journey and will give you exclusive tips!

How did you start planning your wedding? What were the first steps?

The first thing we did was start to look at venues and interview wedding planners. Once we got those two things down (and a date) we started to look at different companies for the larger vendors like photography, band and flowers. 

We actually started wedding planning right at the beginning of Covid so we tried to keep an open mind knowing that it was likely that some of our plans may not go exactly how we thought they would. Luckily everything panned out even better than expected.

How did you know your dress was ‘the one’? 

I had no idea what designer or specific style of wedding dress that I wanted, but I did know the shape/cut that I wanted which helped a lot. When I tried on the Mira dress it was the exact cut I had been looking for, and fit me almost perfectly without any altering. It was super unique in that I felt like it was simple and modern but at the same time the details were so intricate and eye-catching. Once I tried it on, it was a pretty easy decision to be honest. 

What advice would you give to all our future brides? 

As it relates to wedding gowns, I would try and pick a style that feels like yourself but elevated. It can be super overwhelming going into a wedding dress shop without any idea of what type of dress you want, especially when everyone around you is so emotional and loving everything lol It also helps to bring in inspiration photos of types of dresses/styles you like.